General Services

General Services Divisions:

  • Administration
  • Purchasing and Contracts
  • Cortez Community Network
  • Capital Projects
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Fiber to Business/Home
  • Asset Disposal

Who We Are
What We do

The General Services Department is made up of several divisions. These divisions are Administration, Building Maintenance, Shop Rotary, Fiber Network, and the Equipment Fund. Each of these divisions has a specific area of responsibility and charge of work. In addition to these divisions, the Department also undertakes special projects for the City (i.e. Fiber Optics, Library Expansion). The Department has nine skilled men and women employed covering the various divisions.

The Administration division handles large bids for the City goods and services. This may take the form of purchasing commodities such as vehicles and chemicals for the City to use, or developing Request for Proposals for new buildings and infrastructure. The division also overseas various contracts for these type of purchases, developing specifications, negotiations, and making sure the City is covered by bonded contractors, and making sure the various bonds are correct. This division is also responsible for some of the City’s Capital Projects and special Projects. The division also is in charge of the fiber optic Cortez Community Network.

The Building Maintenance division handles the maintenance and small construction projects for all the City’s buildings. The division covers all of the main City buildings and the park and golf facilities. This charge of work covers items from the restroom on the number three tee at the golf course to maintaining City Hall, Police Building, Service Center, Welcome Center, and the Library.

The Shop Rotary division maintains all of the City’s equipment and vehicle fleet. The division not only makes necessary repairs to the vehicles and equipment it provides the fuel for the fleet. Occasionally the division will perform special repairs for other Departments of the City such as welding playground equipment or fabricating pipes. Under this division is the General Services Secretary and the City Buyer functions. The buyer is responsible for smaller purchasing of goods and services for all the City Departments.

The Equipment Fund Division purchases vehicles and equipment for the City. This covers all General Fund Departments. Departments such as Water and Refuse purchase the vehicles and equipment out of their own individual budgets. The Equipment Fund operates with a 1/8 cent sales tax to support the City’s General Fund equipment and vehicle needs.

The Cortez Community Network (CCN) is a fiber optic network the City installed within Cortez. This division covers both the fiber network and connections to the outside world. Private businesses utilize this network to provide better connectivity for the citizens of Cortez. Local political sub-divisions utilize the network for internet connectivity. The CCN is a developing network much like the Water Fund.