GIS page for the City of Cortez Public Works department


Division of GIS (Geographic Information Systems, Database Management, & Mapping)

The Geographical Information System maintains a complete set of geo-spatial data of buildings, streets and centerlines, property parcels, fiber optics, addresses, waterlines, and fire hydrants used for planning and asset-management purposes.

The city GIS office collaborates with the county's GIS, planning, assessor's, elections office, and emergency dispatch. Other federal and state land management entities work with this GIS office on special projects.

This division maintains a set of geo-spatial data (approximately 17 layers) within the city limits. Spatial data is in Colorado State Plane South-NAD 83 coordinate system and is stored in ESRI Geodatabase format.

Geo-spatial Data maintained: Buildings, streets and centerlines, one-foot (1') contours, property parcels, fiber optics, addresses, waterlines, and fire hydrants.

Color Digital Orthography: In April 2020, an aerial photography flight was completed at 1" = 50'. The aerial photography matches the geo-spatial data so it can be overlaid on the photography.

Paper maps are available for purchase at any scale and any size up to 42" x 60" and are priced accordingly. These can be customized to meet the customer's needs. Data is also available for purchase in digital format. For more information contact the GIS Coordinator.

Public Works has established fees to cover expenses for materials and cost of services.