Street Maintenance

The street division is responsible for street management and maintenance, signage and traffic markings, sweeping, sanding, and snowplowing city streets.

Street management includes planning future streets, capital construction needs, and changes to existing streets. Street maintenance keeps the streets in good repair, maintains drainage ways, provides signage and traffic markings, provides street lighting, and performs street cleaning, snowplowing, and sanding.

Public works generally does a major street improvement project each year, utilizing several methods of construction: chip-seal, FDR (full depth reclamation), and asphalt overlay. See road construction for a description of each construction process.

If you would like to report a pothole, please call the Public Works Department at the City Service Center at 970.565.7320.

REMEMBER: Before you dig, call UNCC to request a line locate. They can be reached toll-free at 1-800-922-1987 or just dial 811. A right-of-way construction permit is required if any work will be done within the city street or alley right-of-way. Call the city service center at 970-565-7320 for more information.