2022 Ordinances

Ordinance No. 1313, Summarizing Expenditures and Revenues

Ordinance 1312: Classic Air Medical Ground Lease

Ordinance 1311: Land Use Code

Ordinance 1310 Land Use Code Amendment

Ordinance No. 1309, Aircraft Hangar Ground Lease

Ordinance No. 1306, Series 2022: An Ordinance Amending Section 17-14(a)(2) Allocation of a Portion of Court Costs Collected to the Cortez Police Department Budget

Ordinance No. 1304, Series 2022: Ordinance Allowing the Sale of Marijuana Between the Hours of 8AM to 11PM

Ordinance 1303, Series 2022: Amendment to the Land Use Code

Ordinance No. 1302, Series 2022: An Ordinance Amending the Term of the Agreement by and Between the City of Cortez Owned Cortez Community Network Enterprise (Cortez) and Montezuma County

Ordinance No. 1301, Series 2022: An Ordinance Authorizing and Approving a Ground Lease with Classic Air Medical for Construction of an Aircraft Hangar at the Cortez Municipal Airport

Ordinance No. 1300, Series 2022: An Ordinance Approving Correction Deed(s)for the Sale of Real Estate to Montezuma Partners LLC

Ordinance No. 1298, Series 2022: Repeal of Chapter 9, Article IV (Utilities), Section 9-61 (Use Tax Proration as Applied to Certain Construction Equipment) In Its Entirety

Ordinance No. 1297, Series 2022: An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance and Replacing It with An Ordinance Approving MSA with Avaya and High Country Workplace Technologies

Ordinance No. 1296, Series 2022: An Ordinance Amending 2021 Budget to Show Disbursement/Loan to Cortez Community Network from General Fund

Ordinance 1295: Creation of Community and Economic Development Department

Ordinance 1294: Marijuana Codes

Ordinance 1293: 2022 Mill Levies

Ordinance 1292: VOIP Phone Services

Odrinance No. 1299, Series 2022: KState Bank