Want to host an event in Cortez? Below is the Event Request Form.  Looking to find out what is going on in Cortez? 

Please go to Cortez Events for the Cortez Retail Enhancement Association supported events.

You can find additional information on what is going on around Montezuma County at the KSJD Community Calendar.

To view the City of Cortez municipal business calendar please go to City Meetings Calendar

For information on youth activities please go to Youth Activity Calendar

City of Cortez Event Request Packet

  1. Cortez Logo JPEG
  2. Thank you for your interest in holding an event in the City of Cortez!  Below you should find everything that you need to begin the process of holding an event in Cortez.  If portions of this form do not pertain to your event(liquor, banner or road closure) please disregard and do not fill out.

  3. How many?

  4. Existing, additional, none?  The City has scatterboxes available for checkout for added power.  A deposit is required.  Please contact the Cortez Recreation Center for more information at 970-564-4080.

  5. Do you need extra picnic tables?

  6. Fire Department, Police or EMS? Please indicate yes or no if there will be a request, what assets and the amount requested.

  7. Insurance:
    For questions about insurance requirements or assistance in acquiring event insurance, please contact Debbie Speer at or 970-564-4019.  All insurance must name with respect to (event holder) event being held (name the park or city property), on (DATE/DATES OF EVENT), AND The City of Cortez is named as additionally insured. IT MUST say the place the event is happening at, the name of the event and the date.

    Please submit your insurance via email at or bring to Cortez City Hall at 123 Roger Smith Ave. Cortez, CO 81321.

  8. I understand the above insurance requirements*
  9. Marketing, Setup and Supplies:

    For additional assistance with event infrastructure and marketing ideas for your event, please contact the Communications and Events Manager at 970-564-4096 or

  10. Please provide a google aerial map showing the layout of the event and notable facilities – a beer garden, stage and sound, parking plan, extra porta potties, entrance/exit, commercial tents, etc. 

  11. Please attach your event schedule.  

  12. Agreement of Request:*

    I understand that filling out this form is only a request and not a guarantee of availability or permission to hold the event.  The City of Cortez reserves the right to deny permission for any event.

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