Graffiti Information

The City of Cortez Police Department is committed to keeping our community looking beautiful and enjoyable.   We realize the adverse effects that graffiti has within the city and work diligently to deter and identify those who deface public and private property.  We encourage you to report graffiti, whether it be on public or private property. Below are some frequently asked questions we often encounter:

There is graffiti on my yard wall/fence, or part of my home, what are my options?

We understand graffiti on your property can be overwhelming.  However, due to the cost and manpower, we are typically not able to remove, or paint over any graffiti on private property.  For those who are handicapped, impaired or elderly and do not have assistance, we may be able to provide assistance, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

How do I deter graffiti in my neighborhood and my property?

As with many aspects in policing, we constantly rely on the public’s assistance.  This includes reporting graffiti as soon as you notice it.   By doing so will help identify areas that are impacted by graffiti and assist the Cortez Police Department in conducting focused patrols in these areas. Other deterrents are available to homeowners, such as installing motion activated lights and cameras.  More in depth options include anti-graffiti paint, anti-graffiti window film and graffiti removal products. All of these options can be found by searching online to find what may suit you best.

What is the City of Cortez doing about graffiti on public property?

The City of Cortez currently has an abatement process to remove graffiti from public property by City of Cortez employees.  This is a collaborative effort in conjunction with the Cortez Police Department, the Planning and Building Department, and Parks and Rec.

For Further assistance, you can call the Cortez Community Services Section directly at 970-564-4031 for any graffiti questions or concerns.