The Engineering Division works with Planning and Zoning and other Public Agencies to oversee the technical aspects of development.  The purpose is to ensure construction follows current standards, codes, regulations, and permitting. 

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Development Services

Applications for Permits

A right-of-way construction permit must be obtained from the City Engineer prior to any construction, excavation, or staging materials within any public right-of-way except for services provided by the City of Cortez Public Works Department's employees.

A Grading Permit must be obtained from the City Engineer to control clearing, excavation, grading, and earthwork construction, including placement of fill or embankments with the City of Cortez.

A Floodplain Development Permit must be obtained from the City of Corty Public Works Department prior to any construction of excavation within any designated flood hazard area that has been mapped by FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program.

Applications shall be filled out by the contractor and returned to the City Service Center, 110 West Progress Circle, Cortez, or emailed to Diane Roberts, Public Works Inspector, at  Please allow up to three working days for City staff to review the application.  City staff will then notify the contractor to come into the Service Center and pay for and sign the permit. Upon completion of the paperwork, the permit will be issued, and work can begin.  Call the City Service Center at 970-565-7320 for more information.

Street and Sidewalk Construction Design Standards and Specifications: