Cortez Coloring Book Competition


The City of Cortez is creating a coloring book in honor of Historic Preservation Month and needs community contributions to bring it to life! If YOU are an interested artist, please read the rules below.

Artwork Submission Application

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Each year in May, the City of Cortez Historic Preservation Board celebrates Historic Preservation Month. Usually the celebrations include historic walking tours of downtown and special presentations at the Montezuma Heritage Museums. This year, the Board has joined forces with the Public Arts Advisory Committee to design a coloring book that showcases historic sites in and around Cortez.

WHO: Local area creatives

WHAT: Black and white line drawing (any style), of a historic “site” for a coloring book page

WHEN: Application opens January 8, 2024, submissions due February 20, 2024

WHY: Celebrate historic places & spaces in and around Cortez, Colorado

WIN: Up to $250 and $50 Cortez Cash


  • Coloring book pages (10 - 25 qualifying submissions will be chosen)
  • Cover page (1 submission will be chosen)


  • Black & white line drawing (black ink)
    1. Cover Page: color, must include black & white line drawing version*
  • Size: 8.5” x 11” Portrait
  • Format: High resolution PDF (600 DPI)**
  • Naming: SiteName_LastName (for example: SandCanyonPueblo_West)
    1. Cover Page: CoverPage_SiteName_LastName (for example: CoverPage_SandCanyonPueblo_West)
  • Signature in bottom right corner of each page
  • Entry Fee: FREE
  • All entries must include the artist’s name, email address, and phone number
  • All entries must be suitable for children
  • Entry must be of a building, site, or event that holds historic value to the City of Cortez. For a list of potential sites visit:
  • You may submit multiple entries, but only one per "site"
  • Artists do not have be local to the Cortez area. However local artists, or artists that have a strong personal connection to the Four Corner's Region of southwest Colorado, will be prioritized.
  • Entries must be the artist’s original work, without copyright or other restrictions.
  • Artist must agree to potential modifications of their work to fit the coloring book standards and the non-exclusive right of use of their work.
  • Words may be included as part of the coloring page.

*Artists interested in submitting entry for the cover page must include a black and white coloring book page version in addition to the cover page version.

** If you need assistance scanning your submission, please come to Cortez City Hall, 123 E. Roger Smith Avenue.


  • Attractiveness: is the entry pleasing to the eye? Does it draw the viewer in? Is the entry well-presented?
  • Skill & technique: does the artist have a mastery over the entered media form?
  • Creativity & interpretation: does the artist offer something new through his/her work? Does history “come to life” in their interpretation?
  • Suitability: does the entry fit the coloring book style? Is the entry suitable for children?
  • Local Artist Preference: does the artists have a connection to Cortez, Colorado and the surrounding area? 


  • You do not have to be a "professional" artists. We welcome all ages, stages, and techniques.
  • You are encouraged to be creative and interpretive! Choose your favorite (or multiple) mediums. Please note that selected submissions may be modified to work as a coloring page (i.e. thicker lines, connected lines, etc)
  • If you choose, re-imagine what a historical space looked and felt like at the height of its popularity. Or, weave history and the present together in your image!


10 – 25 qualifying submissions will be selected for the coloring book.

Entries selected for the coloring book will receive:

  • Free copy of the finished coloring book
  • $25 Cortez Cash
  • $100
  • Recognition at the Cortez City Council
  • Name, website and/or social media handles included in glossary of artists


One entry will be selected for the cover page of the coloring book. This entry should be in full color with an accompanying black and white version for the coloring book pages.

Cover page winner will receive:

  • Free copy of the finished coloring book
  • $50 Cortez Cash
  • $250
  • Recognition at the Cortez City Council in May
  • Name, website and/or social media handles included in glossary of artists


January 8, 2024
Submission Application Opens
February 20, 2024Submissions Close
March 8, 2024Award Announcements
April 2024
Final Draft of Coloring Book, Send to Printer
May 2024Coloring Book Available


Other municipalities and organizations in Colorado have held similar contests. You can get inspiration and ideas below:

Aurora, Colorado

University of Colorado Boulder

History Colorado


Once finished, the coloring book will available for download on the City of Cortez website and for purchase at local area nonprofits.

  • Between 10 & 25 qualifying submissions will be chosen to be included in the Cortez Historic Coloring Book.
  • You do NOT have to be a "professional artist" to enter this contest. Artists of any age & stage are encouraged to submit their work. 
  • Artists are encouraged to be creative - you can interpret a historical building as you imagine it! Artists are encouraged to use their own style: avant-garde, expressionistic, modern, pop, abstract, minimalist, neoclassical, realistic, etc.
  • If artists want, they can re-imagine what a historic site might have looked and felt like at the heights of it's popularity and are encouraged to research their subject to provide historical relevancy. Artists can also choose to weave history and modernity together - maybe showing what a site looked like 100 years ago and what it looks like today.


Helen West, Community & Economic Development Specialist

(p) 970-331-0213 (e)


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