Manufactured Home Installation

City of Cortez Manufactured Home Installation Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Do I need a permit to install a manufactured home within the city limits of Cortez? Answer: Yes. If the home will be placed in a manufactured home park (mobile home park), the fee is $175.00. The city will perform all inspections except for the electrical hook up. A licensed electrical contractor must obtain a state electrical permit and perform all electrical hook-ups. 

Question: Who is responsible to buy the permit? Answer: The park owner or park manager is responsible to purchase the permit. Only they know if your proposed sized home will meet the size limitations within their park. 

Question: What if the home will be placed on my own lot? Answer: You will still need a permit. However, not all lots in town are zoned for manufactured homes. Also, the fees for placing a home on private land are significantly different. Contact the Cortez Planning & Building Department at 970-565-3402 for more information. 

Question: Can I move in as soon as my home is brought into the park? Answer: No. For your safety, all inspections must first be performed and approved prior to moving in. Part of the set up includes code compliant steps for each exterior door. Many steps are not approved for use. Check with either your manufactured home installer, or you may call the Cortez Planning and Building Department at 970-565-3402 for more information. 

Question: My home is an older manufactured home. Does that make any difference? Answer: Yes. Only 1976 or newer HUD approved manufactured homes are allowed within the city limits of Cortez. Homes built prior to 1976 were constructed without any national safety standards, and many were deemed unsafe. 

Question: I’ve heard that I can install my own manufactured home: is this correct? Answer: In most instances no; only Colorado State Licensed manufactured home installers are allowed to install your home. Installing manufactured homes in Colorado takes specialized training and tools, therefore most homeowners are unable to comply with state law. 

Question: How long does it take to get a permit? Answer: Usually permits can be obtained no later than the day after the park owner/manager applies for them. 

Question: Where can I go to find a licensed installer? Answer: You may search for licensed installers by visiting the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website: or you can call CDLA at 303-864-7810. 

Here is the current (4/15/2022) list of installers in our area:

CJ's MOBILE HOME SERVICE          970-560-2282        

RCMHS                                               505-326-3074

WE DO IT ALL                                     505-592-3833

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