Is the city offering any special deals on the pricing of the drop?
The city established the pricing very low to introduce the fiber system to the business community. The average cost of the drop nationwide runs approximately $1,200.00. The city started the drop fee at $150.00. The city moved the fiber program to an enterprise fund similar to the city's water fund. This allows revenue from the fiber to be used exclusively in the development of the fiber system. Council sets the fees for all city services annually during the budget process. As the fiber enterprise fund develops the cost for the drop fees most likely will increase to reflect the true cost of installing the drop much like the water fund does now. The city purposely set the initial drop fees very low to encourage businesses the incentive to take advantage of the services offered by the network, and to lower the cost of the installations.

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1. Is the city offering any special deals on the pricing of the drop?
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