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1. How do I get a city recycling container:
2. When is my refuse picked up?
3. Why the sudden adjustment in our recycling mix?
4. Since the City of Cortez has a source-separated recycling program, doesn’t it pay off with us taking extra steps to separate our items?
5. If we already use domestic markets whenever possible, then why do we need to separate our recycling even further than we already are?
6. Why is it so hard for us to get our recycling to market?
7. How can I further separate my recyclables, & what should I do if I have limited space to store them?
8. Can I put my old TV, computer, etc. our for the trash crew?
9. Does the City compost?
10. What if I don't have enough room to separate all the recycling materials??
11. Does the City have a recycling program? If so, what can I recycle?
12. Why do acceptable recyclables change from time to time?
13. What can I do to help keep cost low?